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A team of roofing experts born and raised in here in Cape Town. Hard working, trained and experienced in all things roofing, we are here to serve you as Durbanville Roofing.

Services We Offer

Our expertise may have started in construction, but we have honed the craft of metal roofing and roofing in general to a staggering degree. Working hard since day one and to the bone in many cases, here are some of the options Durban Roofing offers its clients.

Roofing Installation

Need some work done on a roof? We are the best there is when it comes to roofing and everything about them. When looking for affordable and long-lasting roofing and roofing solutions, we here at Durbanville Roofing Cape Town are the very best!


Underminded and ignored by many for years now, in recent times one of our most popular and sought after jobs are repairs and roof waterproofing Cape Town. As time has worn on, we have seen the regrets many homeowners have had, particularly those with flat roofs, over the costs and damages they have had to deal with, all easily preventable.

Roof Painting

Durbanville Roof painting Cape Town has grown into a popular pick, and for good reason. Bringing with it a host of unspoken benefits when done properly, not only does it leave your home looking stunning, but it will also save you both time and money in the future.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when working with us. Contact us today for a free quote or leave your details online and let us contact you. Let us talk and show you how we can help you!

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