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Excellent assistance is hard to find in Cape Town. You’re left to suspect, or not at all, a late call to work. The truck is breaking down. The job really is going badly. There’s no portion in stock. The questions go on, and go on. Durbanville Roofing is working to get this overhauled. We would like to see your overall experience going beyond your standards with us. Our goal is to make sure you’re pleased that you’ve selected our team. So you should not take our word for it. Over many years of service, hundreds of happy customers have made us a proud recipient of the Communities Best Electrical Company Durbanville Servicing Company in Cape Town. You would be a happy customer with reassurance.


We have a wide variety of electrician services, whether you want to install a new light fixture, a new electrical panel / circuit breaker box or rewire your whole building. We can fix or install any electrical equipment for you, including installation of aluminum or cloth-coated electrical wire, new electrical connections, smoke detectors, custom lighting, television, telephone and electrical computer cable, etc. Our professional electricians will ask you a few questions and then we’ll give you our expert advice. 

Electrical Company Durbanville

 Durbanville Roofing-your best electrical specialist in Cape Town

Our credibility and our customers loyalty are the most important things we protect. We are trustworthy, optimistic and we always look at the most innovative and secure options for our customers. Lasting partnerships and returning clients show that this approach works. The projects range from smaller remodels to large high-rise, educational, or health care facilities and much more in every business field. You can’t always get a fully reliable estimate without having to do some direct troubleshooting. 

One electrical problem can have a variety of causes and in order to determine the root cause of the electrical disability our experts will have to look at the entire case. If you are calling for electrical repairs you are likely to get our hourly rate. I am sure that our skilled electricians will have finished the electrical repair within the first hour of electrical troubleshooting, or they will be able to provide you with an accurate estimation of the electrical work to be performed at the time.

Our Electrical Company Durbanville Company,  Durbanville Roofing pride ourselves on delivering the very latest in smart home technology to the homeowner. From standardized wiring systems that allow adaptability to current and future technology, to systems that enable you to track and manage functions from a remote location in your home, our employees are constantly educating themselves with the latest technological innovations. We are proud to be continually connected to the high quality of service, efficiency, honesty and personal care. 

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