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Plastering Company Durbanville Company, Durbanville Roofing, bears TOP 10 Cape Town South Africa symbols that have reached the minimum regulatory standard for Cape Town. They are the ones that our independent research has proven to have passed the TOP 10 competency and value tests, to have liability insurance as a cover for you the client, who has agreed to hire only legal employees to work in South Africa and to whom our workers have called previous customers to test their high satisfaction. Older plaster and stucco comprising mostly of lime, sand and dirt. Modern plaster uses gypsum instead of lime as it hardens faster with less shrinkage, and conventional stucco uses Portland cement for greater life, rather than lime. 


Additives such as glass fibers or acrylics can be added to improve the strength and adhesive properties of the plaster and stucco.  Stucco is durable, impervious to water, fireproof and low-maintenance. Stucco can be applied by hand or sprayed by machine, often in place of the older three-coat form with one base layer and a finish. Where stucco is applied to wood framing or light-weight steel framing, a gas-permeable, water-resistant membrane such as stucco wraps or building wraps or asphalt-saturated coating is used to protect the framing from moisture.  These barriers are built to prevent rain and moisture from coming in, but to enable water vapor to escape from the inside of the house wall.

Plastering Company Durbanville

Durbanville Roofing-your plastering specialist in Cape Town

A plaster contractor is restoring stucco and plaster that has cracked, deteriorated or damaged the base. Project may involve redirecting the rainwater runoff and splash-back away from the house in case of plastering repair on the outside, improving drainage, and repairing downspout.  Before restoring stucco and plaster, an assessment should be made to ascertain the extent of the damage and how much can be repaired rather than patched. 

When struck gently with a hammer or mallet, unsound or soft areas which have lost their key may echo with a hollow tone.  Small hairline cracks are often not severe in plaster and can be quickly filled with a thin finish coat slurry, or whitewash. Deeper holes can need to be patched out in preparation for a more detailed repair. We provide a comprehensive service aimed at: design and development assistance and teamwork, the use of lightweight modular development systems for exterior applications (façade walls) and interior applications (walls and ceilings), with the combined benefit of generating productivity and added value for the project. 

The mission in all projects we engage in is to be the best Plastering Company Durbanville contractor in Cape Town with a strong commitment to achieving excellence in all facets of the work, drawing on creative, innovative, state-of – the-art solutions tailored to customer requirements. Accompanied by our insatiable desire to surpass expectations in terms of size, speed and customer service.

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