Roofing Cape Town has been a family-run business for decades. We are proud of our workmanship, we use the best quality products. And we offer a workmanship guarantee. We believe in taking care of our clients, because happy clients contribute to referral sales, the best kind of business.

Roofing Cape Town specializes in the residential and industrial markets. We are specialized in roofing and construction services. We offer expert roof installation and work with all types of roofing materials, replacing, new roofs, and repairing, plus waterproofing, gutters, fascias, painting internal and external, all types of ceiling replacements including skimmed ceilings, insurance claims, and small building renovations.

At Roofing Cape Town, we believe the roof of a building is its crowning glory. A beautiful roof can add great character to a home or an office building while increasing it’s value and life span.

When it comes to new houses, few people think about the roof. The reality is that the roof is a third of the whole structure and the first defense against the harshest elements.

Skilled, Experienced Roofing Experts!

Our team is home to skilled, experienced roofing experts that live by international standards of excellence. We will give you a roof you can trust, enjoy and never have to think about it again.

By investing in an appealing, well-built roof, you can set your home apart while protecting one of your biggest assets for years to come. Roof tiles probably the most hard-wearing of all roof coverings. Roof tiles still need maintenance. And it will eventually need to be replaced. We are roofing suppliers and will repair them. We will also waterproof and repair ridge tiles and replace broken tiles.

Thinking of replacing your existing old roof. Extending your current home. You will need Roofing Cape Town, your local expert. We are your local roofing contractor and work on all kinds of Roofs. We install new roofs carry out roof repairs on Tiled roofs, Metal Roofs and roof plates, Slates and the replacement of asbestos roofs.

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