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We understand how hard it can be to find just the right flooring for your home or business and we are here to help! At Durbanville Roofing we’ll help you select from luxurious carpets in thousands of colors and patterns, or the handmade beauty of exotic and domestic hardwoods. We can also provide you with our different styles and designs to choose from, an intricate patterned tile or our durable laminate flooring. With a flooring in stock of over one million square feet we have ten locations around Cape Town. 

For every room in your house,Durbanville Roofing , the Tiling Company Durbanville offers so many options that you can express your personal style. The dedication to customer satisfaction helped us develop into a leader in the industry. We want all our customers past and present to know we appreciate their company. Our squad, as you have come to know, provides more than just excellent products. We also provide top-notch professional expertise in sales and installation. Choosing bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles for your home is very exciting. This offers you the capacity to make a personal difference in the comfort of your home. The overall look and size of the room are factors you need to consider when determining which form of tile is ideally suited to your shower area.

Tiling Durbanville

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For your bathroom, there are many options that you might prefer, however the ceramic tile that is widely used for shower areas. Mosaic tiles are the toilet tiles for your bathroom floor that are used frequently. Because of its small size the tiles create a beautiful shape or slope of your wall. Mosaic tiles provide much needed slip resistance. It can be used to prevent injuries. Tile type needs to be able to withstand the environment, especially the humidity that is always present in the shower. 

Similarly, besides ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are the most common and traditional type of tiles used. The custom made material includes a translucent protective glaze, so that it is not readily reachable by the water. It is therefore extremely stable, very long-lasting, and fairly low in maintenance. But, that doesn’t mean it will always give the traditional look to your shower area just because it’s the many’s traditional alternative.

We are proud to follow project deadlines diligently, and stand by our assurances. Tiling  Durbanville in Cape Town, Durbanville Roofing, whether it’s remodeling or constructing from scratch. Take advantage of its many years of experience to meet both your inner and outer needs. The business is highly trained to perform all phases of marble, stone and ceramic tile installations, as well as polish and seal your residential or commercial needs. We are now in a position to offer our customers reasonable prices when constructing interlocking pavers.  

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