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Painting Amanda Glen

We provide a range of interior and exterior painting services at Painting Amanda Glen, making any home painting experience smooth, streamlined. We promise to deliver excellent performance outputs; a wonderful, professional product will be the outcome. The painting work will be handled as though it were our own house.

We give you periodic notifications via email, chat, phone, and in-person throughout. We will remain on schedule and finish our projects efficiently and quickly. If you are painting an inside or outside space, what is most critical is the customer’s satisfaction. Painting Amanda Glen team checks for the small details. We can quickly and expertly paint a two-story house or fix the colour in the bedrooms of your house. We are known for our commercial painting work as well.

A very significant part of your house is making sure the paint looks good. The processes which we follow help prevent the paint from fading and also give it the “wow factor” when your friends and relatives see the paint job. When recruiting the right commercial painting firm, you need to ensure that the work experience is professional and also customer-friendly. It may be challenging to narrow down all the choices and pick the right company, but choose Painting Amanda Glen!

Home Renovations Amanda Glen

Re-modeling the house is one of the best things you will ever do. A dream home does not simply appear ‘dreamy’. You need to make sure to have smart storage and other important elements that are crucial to a productive household. With our many talented designers at Home Renovations Amanda Glen, we take care of “all your home renovations”. Home Renovations Amanda Glen’s team will help you build the ideal house.

Which home renovations do we suggest?

Curb appeal or upkeep makes the property appear nice as soon as visitors come by. Even though house repairs cannot have significant monetary worth today, they make the home sell faster. Aim to have a nice green yard, attractive landscaping, fresh paint inside and out, new furniture and new appliances. Value may be created by remodeling and refreshing as well as re-siding walls, kitchens, toilets, screens, decks, and living areas. Home repairs for personal preference can be good for most homes. You do though need a plan your budget well to make sure you can cover all the costs. Home Renovations Amanda Glen experts will assist you with everything you need to remodel your home.

Regardless of the project you are planning, the main thing is that your primary residence is your house. If you intend to live there for several years, incorporate extras that are not as necessary on resale.

Bathroom Renovations Amanda Glen

Bathroom Renovations Amanda Glen has been offering expert bathroom renovations throughout Amanda Glen for many years. We are as proud of our remodeling as if they were of our own bathrooms. With the latest technologies and software, we are able to provide outstanding service in our bathroom installations. We are complimented by our customers so often that we regularly earn recognition for our renovations.

Our craftsmanship in renovating a bathroom for restoration or reconstruction will make every homeowner ecstatic. We do this using precision tiling, plumbing, and fixture installation. Restrooms in several big hotels, shopping centers, and real estate have the “Bathroom Renovations Amanda Glen” seal of approval. We know that our clients are happy when they choose us to be their contractor.

Quality Workmanship

Our employees are professional and reliable. They are performance appraised consistently over time. All work will be undertaken by experts. It takes five to seven days to complete a standard bathroom remodeling project. We work on a Monday morning and finish the bathroom by a Friday. If you have two bathrooms, then one bathroom would be knocked down first, leaving the other one available during the renovation. The material provided by us is always of the finest standard possible. Bathroom Renovations Amanda Glen ensures a waste bin is available for the rubble from the building. We will not use wheelbarrows in your house under any conditions.

Kitchen Renovations Amanda Glen

It really is the most popular space for homeowners to renovate. Why? It is the place where you spend the most time and serve yourself or your family, as well as friends. Renovations are often used to raise the resale value of a house. Below are a few things to consider when doing a kitchen renovation.

Plan The Budget


Get a quote from Kitchen Renovations Amanda Glen on how much a kitchen upgrade would cost and prepare your budget accordingly. Keep inside the budget. Don’t let yourself get excited, or get talked into stuff you don’t want or need. Getting a quotation from your kitchen renovations experts, Kitchen Renovations Amanda Glen helps to guarantee that you are not getting overcharged.


Kitchen Setup


Your kitchen should look perfect, be efficient, and a joy to walk in. When designing your kitchen, make sure you work with our kitchen designer. Remember the classic job triangle? Arrange the three most-used functions so you won’t have to walk too far. When not correctly rearranging the kitchen setup, such as the fridge or sink, costly improvements would need additional effort as you move around.


Quality Materials


Choose high-quality products inside the budget. Do not skimp on the best value-for-money products. You should make sure the materials and workmanship can last as long as possible. Buying more costly appliances and supplies is cheaper in the long term because they last longer.

Tiling Amanda Glen

The efficiency of the installation and the protection of your floors and walls are assured by Tiling Amanda Glen. Our team is carefully selected and qualified on all the tile work and only uses certified grout. We include the installation of both the cladding and expansion joints. Our specialty tile cutting service will help cut tiles, build bullnoses, stair treads, pool coping, and custom edges.

We specialize in tile contracts for industrial and residential installations. We have the ability to produce small, medium, and big contracts on schedule and to a high-quality level. Tiling Amanda Glen has established tiling contractors in Amanda Glen, but we also serve other parts of the Western Cape.

Industrial and Residential Tiling


When picking tiles for an office, get the ones you don’t usually use for your house. You do this by first evaluating the job environment. When it is a business setting, the tiles need to be as small as possible so workers can focus on their jobs. You can also choose the larger ones with subtle shades. If you are in a creative area, trends are more fitting because they make for more resourcefulness and creativity. It is also necessary to recognize the amount of regular traffic in the workplace.


Tiling Amanda Glen has experience and skills in supply and installation and we mount on virtually all surfaces inside and outside. It doesn’t matter what pattern you want or how intricate it should be. It can be challenging to narrow down all the choices, but you will do well to pick us as your tile contractor first!

Roofing Amanda Glen

Through a trained and seasoned workforce, we are able to handle any roofing and home improvement problems our clients might have. We have years of work experience with any form of roofing. This includes tile, metal, flat roofing, and more. As one of the finest home improvement contractors in Amanda Glen, Roofing Amanda Glen is here to serve you and your Amanda Glen roofing needs. With years of experience and skills installing and repairing roofs, we are ready to meet every challenge head-on. Our hardworking and determination ensure effective and productive implementation of projects. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your building. If the roof did not fulfill its intended function, nothing would be secure in your home. 

Roofing Amanda Glenhere in Amanda Glenis fortunate to have outstanding roof installers in-house. Our roofing crew will operate on any type of roof and accomplish most jobs in a short time. Each roofer is qualified and will complete work as required for the job. The implementation measures are systematically executed, from pre-chalking the ridge to assembling the roofing struts. Roofing Amanda Glen offers the finest roofing services and we are the professionals you can trust.

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